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Photo credit: State Library Queensland
Dr. David Pyle QUT
Photo Credit: P. Holliday
Michael Aird Director of UQ Anthropology Museum
Photo Credit: Mick Richards

Sandpit in the Sandstone

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Data Commons Partnership
The University of Queensland and The University of Melbourne

Welcome to Sandpit in the Sandstone, a partnership activity between The University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne designed to improve Indigenous Research capability. Funded by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), the partnership is dedicated to improving research data commons that improves Indigenous Research.

The partnership focusses on the collections held in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums of The University of Queensland. The UQ team of Associate Professor Sandra Phillips, Dr Penny Holliday, and Dr Toni McPherson works in collaboration with colleagues who care for the collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lifeworld data at UQ.

The Partnership is a work package of Improving Indigenous Research Capability which is the larger Project led by Professor Marcia Langton AO, Co-Chair of the Indigenous Data Network at The University of Melbourne.

The partnership is governed by a UQ Working Party chaired by Sandra Phillips and the UoM-led Executive Governance Project Committee chaired by Marcia Langton.

Dr Penny Holliday
Associate Professor Sandra Phillips
Photo Credit: Mick Richards